Technical Information

The new Rebel Series

Check out the latest addition to our range. This Rebel Series Cylinder is the perfect choice for a range of applications with is Halite seals and 12 months warranty your definitely onto a winner. The cylinder includes:

  • High quality cast steel rod clevis and base for longer life and improved shock resistance
  • Polymer bearings for reduced wear on barrel and rod surface
  • Heavy duty Hallite seals - available throughout Australia
  • Screwed gland construction for ease of maintenance
  • Optional port configurations (90º to pin is standard)
  • Can be customised to your requirements
  • 12 month limited warranty – conditions apply
  • Made and supported in Australia

Mounting options

  • Female Clevis (Standard)
  • Male Clevis
  • Pin Eye
  • Top Link
  • Trunnion Mount
  • Spherical Bearing
  • Custom


  • Suitable for medium duty applications
  • Maximum working pressure up to 3000 PSI (20.7 MPa)
  • Peak pressure up to 4000 PSI (27.6 MPa)
  • Consideration should be given to buckling as stroke and pressure increase
  • Operating temperature between -20ºC and 100ºC
  • Rod speed up to 0.5 m/s

The new Rebel Series

The below sizing chart can be used to understand the sizing options available. After something a little different? Then give us a call now on 03 5339 1200.